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Who Is Cangshan?

Cangshan (pronounced Kang-Shan) is the name of a mountain located in southern China, and is also the name of a small city where our company founder Henry Liu was born, grew up and married his high school sweetheart Mary.

Eventually Henry started a kitchenware company and after 11 years it grew from 1 to over 800 people and from 5,000 square feet to 78,000 square feet as well as 3 manufacturing facilities. It was Henry’s vision and pursuit of excellence without compromise that allowed this amount of growth in such a short time. Business was very good and things were running very smoothly but Henry was getting restless.

Henry decided he would leave the day to day operations in China and journey to the United States because he likes a challenge. He wanted to pursue the American Dream like all other American Dreamers from The Mayflower to this day.

This new exploration was not as easy as Henry had imagined, even with his business experience. He always dreamed to make functional but beautiful kitchen knives with premier materials by expert bladesmiths. He located the elite material manufactures from Germany, Sweden, Japan, and the USA, but could not find the right manufacturers even after auditing 80 plus knife manufacturers. It seemed all of them just wanted to handle basic knives like most of the popular brands but there was no passion to create something unique.

After countless efforts, and many factory visits he finally found a knife manufacture located in Yangjiang China, where cutlery has been a tradition for over 1500 years. After speaking with them he found that they shared his vision and passion to create something truly different. This manufacture already was making high end cutlery by artisans with years of experience and selling exceptional quality knives to the European market.

Henry was ecstatic that he found someone with his same vision and spent days hanging around with the factory owner and made a long term joint-venture partnership plan with the factory. This is how Cangshan Cutlery Company was born.

After two years of research, development, samples, molds, and hundreds of hours of design ideas, everything you can see now is coming out, one by one from that first talk in that factory in Yangjiang China. From ideas to actual product. As a knife purveyor, Cangshan is unique in offering both Western and Japanese style and performance of products to satisfy the most discriminating members of even the world’s top chefs while at the same time never sacrificing design.

We never like to boast, but instead let the quality of our products speak for themselves. We never want to convince anyone how good our quality is regardless of the fact that we are “Made in China”. The world has become very sophisticated and it is now understood that great design and function can be made in China just like Apple, Nike, Samsung and dozens of other quality companies. We are not Apple but we have the same drive and spirit of making great things for this world!

The world has already recognized the high standard of design and performance by awarding two Cangshan designs with the coveted Red Dot Design Awards and one line was chosen as the winner of The Gourmet Retailer Editors Pick. But the most important Award is the review and feedback from our thousands of happy customers! Thank you! You have overwhelmed our team and you motivate us to keep going!

The Cangshan logo was handwritten by Henry’s Dad and it is his values and vision passed down to his son that is the real spirit of everything we do at Cangshan Cutlery Company. Beautiful. Function