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Housewares Design Award 2019

Monday, February 25, 2019





We are honored to announce that our Z- Series X-7 High  Carbon  Steel  was awarded Best in Class in  Cutlery  by    Housewares  Design Awards  2019. The  handle  design of   the  Z- series  is  an  angled design with lines that   reinforce the sleek, comfortable shape of the handle and focuses attention on the stunning mosaic rivet.

Not only is the  handle  beautiful  but the blade itself is one of a kind.  The Z- Series X-7 steel is made up of 67 high carbon layers of Damascus steel. The X-7 steel was our 7thattempt at creating steel that was able to reach a Rockwell hardness of 61 that is also stain resistant without  the same brittleness found in VG10 steel.

The Z-series was not only the winner that night, but the S+Series also received an award. The S+Series received the award for Honorable Mention as a Design Awards Finalist. The S+Series comes in an option of colors and is a 2-piece knife set, forged from premium high-carbon X50Cr15MoV German Steel, each blade is hand-sharpened to a keen Asian style cutting edge that stays sharp even with prolonged use. Sets come in multi-colored ergonomic handles and Titanium Coated non-stick blade’s. Each set comes equipped with a protective sheath for safe transport and storage.

Housewares Design Award 2019

  "This award means a lot to a 4-year company...
we are dedicated and try our best to develop something good for our consumers" 

Henry Liu Owner of Cangshan Cutlery


Receiving the Best In Category award and Design finalist is both encouraging and a reminder to our team that hard work pays off and we are extremely grateful.


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