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Costco + Cangshan Cutlery Partnership

Friday, September 25, 2020

Cangshan Cutlery Proudly Sold At Costco! - YouTube

Our Thriving Relationship with Costco

There is no denying that the greatest strength of a business is its "people." A business ties its accomplishments directly to its ability to attract and retain its best partners and associates. As an experienced cutlery business, we understand how important it is when it comes to garnering associations and partnerships. This was the notion that scaffolds our affiliation with one of the largest multinational membership clubs, "Costco."

America's giant wholesale corporation needs no introduction as it is the popular brick and motor that is continuously thriving in the retail world, with revenues surging over $1.5 billion. For its customers, Costco symbolizes quality and value. It is especially true about stocking warehouses with private labeled products and premium brands at below-market prices.

Fortunately, we got an opportunity to become a Costco vendor four years back. As an established cutlery brand in the USA, we knew that partnering with the giant retailers like Costco can help us bring huge margins on our products.

How about taking a ride to our partnership journey with Costco to have a glimpse of how it sells our products?

Let's get started!

Our Partnership with Costco

As mentioned above, collaboration is one of the best ways to form advertising partnerships. If you're collaborating with a leading and popular brand, it adds to your brand's credibility and strategic marketing, and Costco and we make a perfect example! Our effective partnership helped us boost our brand awareness and build a business by breaking into new markets.

Our action-packed partnership journey began when an executive at Costco approached us via his merchandise team after using our premium-quality knives. Our quality design was one of the compelling reasons behind approaching us. We were delighted to have approached by the world-famous wholesale retailer and agreed to use their platform.

Our shared values made us the perfect pairing, and we held our first meeting in December 2016. To establish a thriving bond, we started a collaborated campaign and became official partners with Costco in March 2017. This was when the brick and mortar store started selling our wide range of cutlery products.

As we never compromise on our quality and design, our collaborative venture excelled and exceeded our expectations in both store and online business. It was not until 2018 that we started selling products in various outlets of Costco in Europe, Australia, and the USA. 2019 further expanded the spectrum of our business as we added Canada to our multinational consumer list. The country has the second-largest Costco store after the USA.

Where We Stand Now?

It is the exclusivity and excellence of our cutlery items that allowed us to complement the Costco's sales format. Our mutual approach to facilitate customers with the best services and products made us the top-selling knife block in Costco with high rated reviews.

We currently sell thousands of knife block sets to members who trust our brand and enjoy its quality and design. With an average of 4.8-star reviews, we have become a highlight among other brands. We try our best to make improvements based on the feedback of our customers in the reviews.

So why wait when you can get your hands on our products at your favorite wholesale retailer!

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