A sketch of a knife’s edge being refined on a leather strop.


A strop loaded with a fine grit compound can be used to both sharpen and realign a blade, a combination known as refining. Any damaged microscopic “teeth” along the edge will be straightened or removed by the strop which refines the edge to an incredible sharpness.
WARNING: Always use caution when maintaining and sharpening your knives. It is important you have a thorough understanding of all the basic knife care skills to keep yourself safe during any maintenance process.



After using a knife or sharpening the blade will have a slight burr which will reduce the sharpness of the edge. A double sided strop is designed for refining a knife’s edge with its coarse [suede] and fine sides and can be used in combination with a polishing compound. By stropping the knife the edge of the blade will align while the compound will polish the edge.

Polishing compound made of fine alumina blended with green chromium creates a fine grit perfect for use with a strop to polish a knife’s edge.


Ultra soft, non abrasive microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning and polishing your knife. The cloth can be used with or without cleaners and leaves a lint and streak free result. To clean the cloth rinse with water and let air dry.


A sketch of a leather strop being loaded with a fine grit polishing compound.


Apply a light coat of the polishing compound to the leather stropping surface and distribute evenly across the entire surface. The polishing compound does not need to be removed from the stropping surface after refining. Both sides of the strop can be loaded with the polishing compound to improve performance.
*It is important to note that any strop surface should only be loaded with one type of polishing compound and not mixed with compounds of a different grit. A strop is not regularly cleaned except in two circumstances. If after much use the polishing compound has become almost black from the residue created while refining the edge or if you need to use a different grit polishing compound on a surface already loaded with one. The stropping surface can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap and should be dried immediately after washing.


A sketch of a knife’s edge being refined on a leather strop loaded with a fine grit polishing compound.


To refine a knife you will be pulling the knife’s edge away from the strop. You can either go from the heel of the blade to the tip or from the tip of the blade to the heel. Make sure to follow the curve of the edge along the full length of the blade keep consistent contact with the strop and edge. With the knife’s edge facing away from your body you will pull the knife toward yourself. When the knife’s edge is facing towards your body you will push the knife away from yourself.

Alternate between 5 continuous strokes on each side, once completed switch to 4 continuous strokes on each side and continue this pattern until you are down to a single stroke on each side. Continue this stroke pattern on each side of the blade using the finer grit side of the strop.

Once your knife has been refined use a damp cloth to wipe away any metal shavings and lubricant on the whetstone until dry. Hand wash your knife with a mild soap and water and dry immediately.

A sketch of a kitchen knife’s blade being cleaned with a sponge.