2-Sided Leather Paddle Strop, 1026627

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Every knife, no matter how good or expensive it is, will after some use get dull and will need to be sharpened. The knife sharpening process might seem intimidating and difficult at first, but it really is not. All it takes is a little bit of practice and some patience. Our sharpening strops are an easy-to-use method of maintaining your blade edge.

  • This leather knife strop is designed for the final stage of honing your kitchen knives and for keeping each knife sharp for weeks without sharpening steel or bench stones.
  • It is a slim strop mimicking the shape of the sharpening steel that it replaces, and the hardwood gives it strength despite its slender appearance.
  • The paddle strop is made of genuine cowhide leather. It is suitable for many materials such as Aluminum, Stainless, and High Carbon Steel.
  • The ergonomic handle of the strop sharpener allows you to use a two-sided strop in a more comfortable and flexible way.
  • Apply the chosen compound on one or both sides of the leather. You can leave the smooth side free of the compound for ultra-fine touch-ups. Always strop after finishing sharpening on your finest stone by pulling the blade backward with low pressure. It is important to keep the same (or a little bit shallower) angle you sharpen at.