Bamboo In-Drawer 15-Slot Knife Organizer, 503831

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Product Description

Keep your favorite Cangshan knives safe in your kitchen with this ergonomic in-drawer knife organizer. Made of beautiful bamboo wood, this holder will keep your blades protected from nicks and scratches that can happen when left loose in your kitchen drawers.

  • Cangshan Bamboo In-Drawer Organizer can hold up to 15 blades (8 small and 7 large). One of the large knife slots can be used for either a honing steel or a knife, giving you more versatility than many other knife holders.
  • If you want to conserve counter space, this works as an alternative to a countertop knife block or other knife organizer.
  • Before purchasing, carefully measure your drawer to ensure proper space and clearance.
  • Instead of leaving your knives unprotected in a drawer, upgrade to our sleek wooden knife organizer or keep your kitchen blades protected and safely stored.

*Knives not included