Cangshan 1026382 Micro Fine Honing Polish Compound Bar, 20 oz. Made in USA

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The Cangshan Micro Fine Honing Polish Compound is ideal for a razor-sharp cutting edge. These are used with a buffing wheel for polishing jobs or leather strop for straight razors, knives, and chisels. The compounds are designed for final cut, initial polish and final polish and are used on stainless steel or aluminum for a brilliant finish.

  • This 20oz honing compound bar works perfectly for our Cangshan knives with Cangshan leather strops.
  • Used for polishing, lapping, stropping, and honing all types of knives or wood working devices to a micro fine razor-sharp cutting edge.
  • Honing compound is a very fine abrasive used in the last polishing stages of sharpening.
  • Just lightly apply the honing compound across a revolving leather, felt or hard sewn cloth buffing wheel. Then move the working piece across the revolving wheel.
  • Crafted for Cangshan Cutlery in the USA

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